On-time Rent Collection in Albuquerque

Collecting rent when it’s due is one of the most basic functions of good property management. And yet a lot of landlords – and even property managers – overcomplicate it.

At Bruni Karr, it’s simple. Our tenants know when rent is due. They know how to pay it and what the consequences will be if it’s late. We screen our residents well and we work hard to maintain good relationships with them. For that reason, rent is rarely late.

Here’s how we deliver on-time rent collection in Albuquerque.

Consistent Rent Collection Policies in the Lease Agreement

On-time rent collection occurs before your first rent payment is even made. Our lease agreements include details and instructions on rental payments. Tenants will understand our rent collection policy. We’ll do more than put it in the lease – we’ll talk about it with them before they move in, ensuring there is no confusion and no conflicting information.

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Tenants will easily reference the rent collection policy in their lease, which covers:

  • How much rent is due.
  • When the rent is due.
  • How and where the rent should be paid.
  • Whether there are any grace periods.
  • What the consequences are for late rent; i.e. late fees and eviction proceedings.

Communication is the best first step and it leads to fewer late payments.

Collecting rent in Albuquerque and the surrounding communities.

Online Rental Payments Provide Convenience & Security

We invest in technology at Bruni Karr, and we’ve found that it allows for more efficient and easily automated property management functions.

This is especially true when it comes to collecting rent.

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Tenants get their own online portal, similar to the portal our owners use to access accounting statements, financial records, repair invoices, and lease documents. Tenants use their portal to make easy online rental payments, to submit routine maintenance requests, and to get in touch with us for any questions they may have or information they might need.

Paying rent online comes with a number of benefits for our residents:

  • Rental payments can be scheduled in advance.
  • Recurring payments can be set up.
  • Reminders can be sent out.
  • Payments can be made from bank drafts or credit/debit cards.
  • Payments and receipts are tracked and documented.

Our online rental payment system is convenient, secure, and user-friendly. Tenants appreciate paying this way, and it reduces the chance that rent will be late.

For tenants who prefer to pay in more traditional ways, we have systems in place to collect checks, money orders, and even cash at retail locations.

Avoiding Evictions in Albuquerque

Eviction is never easy. It’s not pleasant for anyone, including rental property owners and property managers. We are completely prepared to file an eviction if that becomes necessary. However, it isn’t typically required of us because we’re able to work with tenants to reach a better resolution.

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For us and for our owners, the ultimate goal is getting rent paid. We talk with tenants, we offer payment arrangements, and we put together agreements if it becomes necessary.

Eviction is always an option and we know how to navigate the court system if we have no choice but to regain possession of your property. It rarely becomes necessary, and that’s because of our exceptional Albuquerque property management.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Feb 9, 2024
Google - Bruni Karr Agency
I had a leak from my roof and within four days, a major storm was coming. I contacted Karen and she sent someone out to review the leak. Then the next day, Karen contacted me to contact another vendor to review. The next vendor came out the next day (two days before the storm) and told me they would be out the next day if Karen approved the estimate to fix the leak. They could then come and do the entire roof later, but, this vendor wanted to fix my leak right away so that I wouldn't have problems with the coming storm. Karen also wanted to at least do my part first and approved it right away and they were out the next day (Friday). The storm was coming on Saturday. The vendor told me that I could even call on the weekend if there were any problems and they would come. Karen was great because she wanted to at least get my part done right away before the vendor did the entire roof. The storm came and there were no problems. The vendor then came a few weeks later to do the entire roof. The point is that Karen and the vendor wanted to at least take care of the immediate leak for me and then worry about the rest of the roof later. Good job for both Karen and the vendor. I am very happy with the service.
Feb 6, 2024
Google - Bruni Karr Agency
I can't say enough about Bruni Karr when it comes to the care they give to us as renters. Any repairs needed were expedited by the agency. Out of 28 years of renting homes and apartments in Albuquerque, they have been the most personable and caring.
Feb 2, 2024
Google - Bruni Karr Agency
I have been usung Bruni Karr for many years to manage my rental property. They are very efficient and reliable. They were able to rent my property within a couple of weeks every time a tenant moved out. They also have an easy to use owners and renters portal for easy access to cash flow, repair invoices etc. A+
Jan 21, 2024
Google - Bruni Karr Agency
Bruni Karr has made renting my first home a breeze. They have a system together and all the staff work as a team.
Jan 21, 2024
Google - Bruni Karr Agency
We've always have had the bedt experience with Bruni Karr agency. Very Professional management company.

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