Placing Albuquerque Tenants

Every smart investor knows that placing a well-qualified tenant is an important first step in a successful rental experience. Bad tenants will cost money and cause stress. Whether you see our leasing and tenant placement services as the beginning of a full-service property management partnership or you expect to manage on your own and you’re seeking lease-only services, we’re ready to help you find and place a fantastic resident. 

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Good Screening Starts with Good Marketing in Albuquerque

Attracting as much attention as possible to your vacant rental property is going to require strategic online advertising and immediate follow-up. Our team is responsive and ready. We will quickly answer any questions prospective tenants have. We always expect an overwhelming response when we post an ad – our homes are well-maintained and in desirable locations. Tenants are eager to see them.

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You can expect an online listing that includes:

  • Professional-level photography, highlighting your property’s best features.
  • Well-written and accurate descriptions that really sell your home’s assets.
  • Our contact information, including phone, email, and website details.
  • All the pertinent information to help us pre-screen, such as rental amount and whether pets are allowed.

Our process for showings is innovative and responsive. We’ll be prepared to show your property at the tenant’s convenience. 

Properties that show well rent faster than those that are neglected. We won’t begin showing your property until we know everything is working and functional. We’ll have the place professionally cleaned, and we’ll make sure everything is in place to attract Albuquerque’s best tenants.

Marketing rental properties in Albuquerque and the surrounding communities.


Fair and Consistent Tenant Screenings Protect Your Investment

Our screening process is consistent and rigorous to ensure that your residents are responsible and trustworthy. We require every applicant who is 18 years of age or older to complete an application and pay an application fee.

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As soon as we have that completed application, we go through it to verify identity and confirm all the information we have gathered through credit reports and other records. We use technology to automate most of the process, but we also take the time to talk to former landlords and evaluate income against the amount of rent that will be due every month.

Some of the things we check when we’re screening your tenants include:

  • Credit history and credit report.
  • National eviction searches.
  • Information about unpaid debts to former landlords or apartment buildings.
  • Outstanding or unpaid utility bills.
  • Employment and income verification.
  • Landlord references and rental history.

If you’re renting out a pet-friendly property and your prospective tenant has pets, we’ll also screen those animals and discuss the pet fees, pet rent, and pet policy we have in place.

Potential tenants always know what we expect before they fill out an application. We explain our criteria and what will be necessary before we approve an application.


Preparing a Lease that Establishes Expectations

Once we’ve approved a tenant, we’ll help you with collecting the move-in funds, settling on a move-in date, and executing a lease agreement. We’ll also conduct the move-in inspection, which is an important part of protecting your property from tenant damage.

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The lease is perhaps the most important document of the tenancy. It will clearly establish the responsibilities of each party. It will also let the tenant know what’s expected in terms of rental payments, maintenance requests, utilities, communication, pets, and guests. 

Almost everything can be done electronically now, from the lease signing to the rental payments. We’re prepared for that because we’ve invested heavily in technology. We’re always prepared for phone calls and in-person help, however, and our tenants know we’re ready to help and support with anything they need during the move-in process.

We place excellent tenants quickly, and the result is a more efficient, more profitable investment experience for our owners.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Mar 3, 2021
Google Bruni Karr Agency
Great agency and properties. We are now in our 3rd home. Lynette is a great agent. She will help you find your best.
Feb 9, 2021
Google Bruni Karr Agency
Lynette was so on the ball. Couldn't get us a refrigerator, but got us a discounted rental rate! She is so friendly and ready to help you with finding a new place. They had exactly what we needed. Would use them again if we found ourselves in a similar situation. Kudos Lynette!
Sep 9, 2020
Bruni Karr Agency
I've been to 21 cities and 7 different countries and I'm just now getting to this. I rented from Bruni-Karr and ABSOLUTELY LOVE these folks. Even when the property was sold I was given first option. I miss Albuquerque, which still consider my home. Repairs (if any, few, in my case) were always done in a timely fashion. Regular Maintenance on furnace. Highly recommend!!!! Debbie Heefner Lebanon, PA
Aug 20, 2020
Google Bruni Karr Agency
I've been with them for three years. Mike is awesome to work with.
Dec 4, 2019
Google Bruni Karr Agency
I've rented on and off from Bruni Karr since 2004 and I prefer using this agency. They don't make you jump through hoops and if you put deposit for first months rent you get the house if you pass credit/rent history check. With other agencies they take a bunch of applications and pick the best one, so you never know where you stand which is a real issue if trying to go from another rental in 30 days. Make sure the house is in good shape before you rent it. Some houses are very good condition and some are really bad. Don't expect to get repairs easily owners push back on agency for repairs, so get a house you think is low maintenance.

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