Making Your Home A Safe Place for Your Renters

Providing a safe and habitable home is your first responsibility as a rental property owner. You should conduct routine inspections to ensure there aren’t potential safety issues at the property.

There are plenty of municipal codes and state requirements that tell you the things you already know, such as the importance of avoiding mold and lead based paint, and the necessity of providing hot water and heat to your residents.

When you’re renting out an Albuquerque property, you want to do more than the bare legal minimum. We’ve put together a safety checklist that will help you pass any city or county inspections. More importantly, it will help you attract and retain high quality tenants.

Prevent Fires and Floods

A major item on your safety checklist is smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Fire can be an unexpected danger, and odorless carbon monoxide from heaters and appliances can be deadly. Make sure smoke detectors are installed, and check them at least twice a year. Discuss emergency procedures with your tenants before they move in so they know what to do if there’s a fire or they smell smoke.

Water is another potential hazard. Check your property’s gutters and roof every year and make sure there isn’t any moisture creeping into the building. That can lead to mold, which presents health issues and expensive remediation issues. A preventative approach is far safer and more cost effective.

Inspect for Potential Security Issues

Keeping your residents and your property safe means ensuring there’s adequate lighting outside of the building. You don’t want tenants walking in darkness from the parking area to their home. You don’t want a lot of overgrown bushes or trees in front of the property. If you have units in a gated building or there are key controls that allow access to and from the property, make sure you’re inspecting and servicing those systems regularly.

Inspect Balconies, Stairs, and Walkways

Your checklist should include exterior home items too. Balconies and stairs are found in many multifamily properties throughout Albuquerque. Look for corrosion of handrails or balconies and any deterioration in the concrete. Wood rot can also be a big problem, so make sure you don’t need to treat any surfaces or patios. Routine preventative maintenance can help. If you schedule annual inspections, you’ll have the peace of mind that the outside of your building is safe for residents and guests.

Perhaps you have a pool or a spa in your single-family rental. If so, it needs to be safely maintained. Consider using a professional service and including the cost of that in your monthly rent. You don’t want your tenants measuring out pool chemicals or setting the temperature of a hot tub. This only increases your liability and can lead to dangerous situations.

Document all of your safety inspections so you can demonstrate that you’re responsive to any issues that have arisen at your property. Make sure your tenants understand the importance of reporting maintenance problems right away.

Safety inspectionsIf you’d like some help with a safety checklist or any general Albuquerque property management, we hope you’ll contact us at Bruni/Karr Rental & Management Agency.