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Positive tenant relationships are good for your investment goals. In order to maximize your rental income and your long term ROI, you want to attract, place, and retain highly qualified tenants who pay rent on time, take care of your property, and follow the terms of your lease agreement. 

When you’re engaged with your tenants and willing to remain available and responsive, you’ll find your tenants are renewing their lease agreements year after year. They’re more likely to cooperate with you when maintenance is needed, and they’ll be understanding if there’s a delay in getting something fixed. They’ll contribute to a pleasant and profitable rental experience. 

If you haven’t given much thought to your tenant relationships or if you know that they could benefit from some improvements, check out our tips on how to get along better with your tenants. This advice is based on our years of experience providing rental management in Albuquerque

Share Your Expectations Early 

Tenants need to know what you expect from them. They want to succeed. 

Typically, we advise owners to share their expectations with tenants when the lease agreement is signed. Actually, you can get the conversation started even before that. During the showing process and the application period, let them know what you look for. Explain the move-in process and what you’ll need from them in terms of a security deposit and other move-in funds. 

When you discuss what you expect in terms of rental payments, maintenance reporting, landscaping requirements, and pet care, you can be sure your tenant understands their responsibilities. 

Keep Communication Channels Open 

Communication is important to any relationship, including the relationship you have with your tenants. 

Get to know your tenant’s preference when it comes to how they want to be communicated with. Many tenants prefer text and email. Some will want to stick to phone calls. When you’re open to many different communication methods, you can reach tenants where they’re most comfortable. 

Make Renting Convenient 

One great way to improve your tenant relationship is by making it easy to rent from you. There are a few important ways to do this: 

  • Accept online rental payments. Tenants are rarely interested in writing out checks. They don’t want to chase down stamps and hope that the mail carries their payment to their landlord in time. Online or digital rental payments are secure and easy. 
  • Accept online maintenance requests. Most tenants would prefer not to call you when something breaks down at their home. If it’s an emergency, they’ll likely contact you by phone. But, for routine and minor repairs, encourage them to send a text or an email with a detailed description of the problem and even photos or videos to support what they’re telling you. Tenants will appreciate the ease and convenience, and it’s better for you, too, because it documents a repair history for your rental property
  • Provide the type of technology that tenants are looking for. Digital keys are popular, as are smart home features like thermostats and lights that can be set digitally. Video doorbells are also extremely popular. 

When your tenant makes a specific request, make sure you listen to them and consider what they want. Tenants want to be heard, and when they feel like you’re hearing them, they’ll feel better about your relationship.

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