Move-in and Move-out Inspections

At Bruni Karr, we spend a lot of time on move-in inspections and move-out inspections.
Why are they so important?

Because they document the condition of your home. They allow us to take care of any simple maintenance needs and estimate when those larger projects are going to need attention.

These inspections are part of our plan for protecting the condition of your Albuquerque investment.


Move-In Inspections Prepare Your Home for Tenants

Good tenant relationships lead to better rental experiences. We are committed to working well with your renters, and that means providing a home that’s move-in ready. Our inspection will document that everything is functional, clean, and ready for occupancy.

Tenants don’t want to be calling for repairs within days of their move. They don’t want to find dirt and debris in the kitchen, the tubs, or covering the ceiling fans.

Attention to detail is essential, and we provide a property that tenants are happy to call home.

We also take a lot of photographs and make a lot of notes, documenting the condition of your property before your tenants take occupancy. This will protect us at the end of the lease term and ensure the tenants aren’t held responsible for any pre-existing imperfections.

Move-Out Inspections Hold Tenants Accountable

That inspection report we used during the move-in process is pulled out again when it’s time to inspect after the tenants have vacated the property. Once we receive their notice of intent to move out, we remind them about the terms of their lease agreement and our expectations for how the property will be returned to us.

During the inspection, we’ll document both normal wear and tear and any damage that goes beyond wear and tear. Rental property owners in Albuquerque are responsible for any of that general deterioration that we anticipate during any tenancy.

Damage, however, is different. If a tenant has abused, misused, or neglected any part of the property that leads to damage, we make sure to charge the security deposit so our owners aren’t left with the cost of those repairs or replacements.

Checklists and Documentation Protect Your Investment

At Bruni Karr, we are very careful to keep detailed records and indisputable documentation to protect ourselves, our clients, and the investment properties we manage.

During both the move-in and the move-out inspections, we’ll take hundreds of photographs. Some of these pictures will seem unnecessary – why do we need photos of the ceiling? Is it really important to take pictures of the insides of every closet?

Yes. Damage can occur anywhere, and you don’t want to be left paying for it just because you can’t prove that it was the tenant who caused it.

Tenants don’t always damage rental homes intentionally. Mistakes occur and accidents happen. Our photos, videos, and checklists ensure that as an owner, you’re only paying for what you’re legally required to pay.

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May 14, 2024
Google - Bruni Karr Agency
Bruni Karr has made renting my first home super easy and rewarding. Hiccups have come up and they have a good team with on call staff to get problems solved asap. Very very happy.
May 1, 2024
Google - Bruni Karr Agency
Responsive and thorough
Apr 22, 2024
Google - Bruni Karr Agency
The staff at Bruni Karr Agency are uniquely positioned in property management services. We have been working with Bruni Karr since the mid-1990s over three generations of my family. They have helped guide our property portfolio with a steady hand, weathering numerous economic downturns, bubbles, and uncertain times. Their approach to property management is proactive—they help owners avoid the crisis of numerous maintenance and repair issues all piling up at once. They are timely with all communication and tenant relations. My mom and I always appreciate their phone calls and end of the year holiday cards. Thank you, Bruni Karr!
Mar 18, 2024
Google - Bruni Karr Agency
I have had the pleasure of working with Bruni/Karr Agency since 2020. They manage one rental property for me. As a former real estate agent who studied property management, I understand the degree of difficulty and all the headaches involved in managing rental properties. Bruni/Karr has excelled in all areas of its contractual duties. I have not experienced any issues with their service. They communicate with me on a monthly basis, I have access to their online portal if I need to access information about my property, and they provide financial, accounting, and tax documents in a timely manner. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a reputable property management company in the Greater Albuquerque Area.
Mar 5, 2024
Google - Bruni Karr Agency
This is an updated review: We've been with Bruni Karr for more than 14 years. They are responsive to your needs, caring, and helpful. Bruni is a great agency and with very desirable properties. We are now in our 3rd home. Charles Irwin has been of great assistance. Look at Bruni Karr for excellence in all property matrers. We found a home with the aide of Bruni Karr and a home at Bruni Karr as an agency. Bruni Karr is Albuquerque's finest!

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